Bezier 27 - Pocket Crusier
Study Plans

The Bezier 27 was designed as a Pocket Cruser, and is a true round classic design built using the Bezier curve method. This design is a Type 3 Bezier hull configeration, that is a true round hull form from the sheer to the top of the keel. There are no developable surfaces intergated into this design. This is a true round hull design equal to a any fiberglass constructed hull.

The Metal Boat Plans for the Bezier 27 Pocket Cruser detail an underbody with a Fin keel along with a masthead sloop rig that is well suited for coastal crusing.

Frame construction is conventional for a metal hull with closely spaced longitudinals supported by flat bar transverse frames. This framing system assures a fair hull, and a strong one, yet is within the ability of a competent amateur builder.

Principles Dimensions:

Construction: --- Steel

Length on Deck: --- 27' 0"

Length Waterline: --- 19' 11.5"

Beam on Deck: --- 8' 11.0"

Beam at Waterline: --- 7' 1.5"

Draft: --- 4' 5.5"

Displacement: --- 7200 lbs

Ballast: --- 1760 lbs

Sail Area/Displacement Ratio: --- 14.4

Sail Area --- 335.7 sqft

Displacement to Length Ratio: --- 4.3

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