CNC Cutting Files

CNC cutting files are in AutoCad (dwg) file format.  They are used to transfer the gemeorty of the part into your 'Metal Fabricator' cutting equipment.  Cutting equipment can be plazma, laser or water cutting machinery.  CNC cutting files only display the perminter or outline of the part and any intended internal features.  Machine cutting software is only interest in cutting paths.  For this reason no other lines are shown.

They can, however, be viewed, by you, by way of 'DWG TRUEVIEW' a freeware program from 'AUTODESK'.  Within this viewing program several task can be preformed such as measuring the entities in the drawing.  Changes to the gemoerty of the part defined in the file can not be manulated.

The CNC shop would be able to load and manulipate the the geomerty within these file.  However, besides moving parts gemeorty for the purpose of sheet size and machine requirements no other alteration to CNC files should be made without the permission of the Designer.

CNC cutting files, for Bezier designs can be broken to three main catagories defined by the type of part:  Shell plating, Transverse frames and Longintudinal frames. 

The deck, house, cockpits plating and any other developable hull plating for Bezier chine design are routinely templated by the builder as per the standard of hard chine construction. 

Typical CNC Shell plating Cutting File

The below figure represents the true round shell plating for the Bezier 12.5 on to a 36" x 120" sheet of material.  Cutting machine software could easily move these part onto a chosen sheet size and rearrange them for the best use of material.

Typical Transverse Frame Cutting File

The transverse frames are shown nested onto a 48" x 120" sheet of material.  As before, the cutting machine software can be used to relocate these parts to accomodate specfic requirements.  Note that only permerter lines and intended internal feature are part of the file.

Typical CNC Longintudinal Cutting File

Here Longitudinal framing members for the Bezier 12.5 are shown nested onto another 48" x 120" sheet of material.  The longintudinals will be fabricated and cut in two pieces to accomodate the 'Metal Fabrication Company' machines cutting table.  Only the perimenter of the part is given in CNC cutting files

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