"Converting Hard Chine Sailboats to True Round"

In this book I will be illustrating how 'Bezier Chine Design and Construction' can change an Existing 'Double Hard' Chine design to a true round design.

For the purpose of the book I am resurrection an old 'Double Hard' Chine designed by me years ago.

Below are Before and After picture of the conversion.

Development of Bezier Chine

Describes the three types of Bezier Chine hulls and how they came to be. Read 'True Round Metal Boat Building - Bezier Chine Design' for a full understanding of the construction method.

Required Drawings

To convert an existing Double Hard Chine hull to a True Round hull specfic information is required. This section describes the Lines drawing, Table of Offsets, and the Construction Plan and Profile drawings.

Conversion Process

Describes the conversion process, which is broken down into two steps. The first step is the conversion of the hull form to True Round. The second step is to correct the Displacement and Center of Gravity as related to the Design Waterline.

Hull Form - Hydrostatics - Coefficients

In this Chapter I review the true round hull form and compare the hydrostatics ans coefficients of both hull forms


The stability of both designs are compared to each other.


The resistance of both designs are compared to each other.

Speed Predictions/b>

Speed Predictions off both design are calculated here and presented Charts and Graphs. From these calculations a race will be run over a 10 mile windward-Leeward course.

A Readers Synopsis

In the last chapter I will leave it up to the Reader to make the final Analysis.

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