Why build a Steel Mast?

I will awnser that question with a question.  Why build a steel boat, you could just go out and buy one.  Maybe at a really good price.  Why buy a steel boat when you can buy a fiberglass boat?  Why do anything?

You build the mast for the same reason you build the boat.  Whatever reason they may or may not be.  I build the mast for my steel boat, 'Notion' to save a little money.  I had more time than money, and I could build the mast.

Whatever you reasons, here is the place to learn how to do it from someone who has done it.

Steel Mast Sections: 

There are a number of section shapes that can be considered for a fabricated steel mast:  Oval, Rectangular with radius corners, Multi-sided, and Round.  All the sections are formed from sheet material and formed in a Press-brake with the exception of a Round section.  All the hardware attached to the mast can be fabricated including:  Mast Head, Spreaders, and Stay attachments to name a few. 

Click on the link below for more on building your own mast. 

Building a Steel Mast

Steel Mast Design:

To illustrate the practically of steel as a mast material, I will be calculating the dimensions of a mast for a 34-foot steel sailboat in steel, aluminum, and wood.  The design results will than be compared to aluminum and wood designs.  The formulas that I will be using are:

Euler's - Slender Column Formula

USYRR (United States Yacht Racing Rules)

Empirical Formula

Click on the link below for more on the designing of a steel mast. 

Steel Mast Design

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