The Author, Dennis Schaffer, has a 30 year career working in architectural metalwork. He began on the shop floor in pattern development, progressing to CNC Programming and Design. He is considered an amateur boat builder, building several plywood and steel boats. Dennis graduated from Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology in 1991 where he studied small craft design. He has written several articles on steel construction methods that were published in 'Boatbuilder' magazine. Dennis' most recent build is the 'Bezier 12.5'. It was designed and built by him using his innovative design and construction method ‘Bezier Chine’, illustrating the simplicity, consistency, and predictability of ‘Bezier Chines’ methodology.

"Whats in the Book"

The Bezier 12.5


Traditional true round hull 'plating methods' have always been arcane and obscure in nature. Plating a true round or wineglass styled sailboat hull design, to date, has been an artistic metal forming process.

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate a simpler approach to plate a true round hull. One that reduces the time, effort and the special skills required. The book begins with a discussion about the theory of ‘Bezier Chine’ by relating it to long-established architectural sheet-metal layout principles.

‘Bezier Chine’ design and construction uses high tech computer design. This reduces construction to time-honored architectural metal-working procedures that are methodology, consistent and predictable. Every part of the hull is fully developed and clearly described. This includes never-failing techniques to pre-form all the shell plating and position it on the hulls corresponding framework in a fair and seamless manner. There is nothing vague about the process.

"True Round Metal Boat Building" by D.L. Schaffer, simplifies construction of true round hulls for every boat builder. The ‘Bezier 12.5” - a classic 16 foot aluminum tumblehome hull design is used to demonstrate the principles of ‘Bezier Chine’ design and construction.

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