How to Build a Steel Mast:

Steel Mast Sections: 

There are a number of section shapes that can be considered for a fabricated steel mast:  Oval, Rectangular with radius corners, Multi-sided, and Round.  All the sections are formed from sheet material and formed in a Press-brake with the exception of a Round section.  All the hardware attached to the mast can be fabricated including:  Mast Head, Spreaders, and Stay attachments to name a few.  The picture below shows an Octagon steel mast I built for the 'Notion"

Steel Mast Specifications

Steel Mast Sections

Forming Steel Masts

Steel Mast - Detailed Drawings

Mast Column Details

Mast Column

Mast Head Details

Mast Step Details

Mast Trunk Detail

Spreader Details

Tang Details

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