True Round Metal Boat Building
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Metal Boat Building

Bezier Curve Design is for "Builders" of Steel and Aluminum Boats. It is for amateurs and professionals alike. It is about building "True Round" steel and aluminum hulls. It is a design and construction methods simipfling the construction of "True Round" Hulls.

So, what makes some boats nicer than others?

I've always admired the flowing, graceful lines of the classic boats. Designer legends like Nathaniel Herreshoff produced those unmistakable, eye catching boats between late 1800 and early 1900's. Skillfully designed and crafted not only for function but beauty.

When looking at houses, properties that get the most interest are those with "curb appeal". Likewise, boats must have"curve appeal"! Bezier Chine Design makes it easy to build a boat with "curb appeal".

Back in Herreshoff day "Plank on Frame" was the popular method of construction. While "Plank on Frame" construction is still used other wood building method have come into vogue - Laminated, Strip Planked and Cold Molded Methods to name a few. By far Fiberglass construction is the standard of the industry. All these method make fine True Round Hulls. But, what about those who would like to build in Steel or Aluminum?

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"One Of" Metal boat builders, like us, have been limited to hard chine designs. Why? Because true round metal hulls are just to difficult to build.

Working in metal requires unique skills and experience. To construct a true round metal hull with "Curve Appeal" you need a professional metalworker with skills and equipment. If only the current method could be simplified, and allow "One Of" boat builders the opportunity to choose an easily built true round aluminum or steel design.

How to simplify metal construction?

The first step towards simplifying construction of "True Round" hulls is a popular building method know as "Radius Chine" design. This method places a large single radius (arc of a circle) between two developable surfaces, and runs along the entire length of the hull. While "Radius Chine" design is a good first step it is not a "True Round" hull design method. "Radius Chine" design only imitates a "True Round" Hull. The method also channels the shape of the hull in one direction - severely limiting hull shape. "Radius Chine" design is a good start, but I believe needs to be taken to the next level!

You can compare the many similarities and differences between "Bezier Curve" chine and "Radius Chine" here - Click the Blue Box.

Using today's computer technology a building method that easily shapes aluminum or steel into a "True Round" hull form has been proven with the building of the "Bezier 12.5". Via the "Bezier Curve" method anybody can build a "True Round" metal hull using only basic tools and "Radius Chine" building skills.

Bezier Curve Chine:

There is another method for the "one of" builder to achieve the beauty of a true round hull using average skills. The following innovative construction method, "Bézier Curved Chine", imparts amateur builders with true round bottom designs that are as easy to build as a hard chine boats.

Bezier Curve Design and Construction does not use Line Heating, English Wheels, or Explosive and Hydraulic forming. The beauty of Bezier Curve is that I can actually teach you how to use it within The method is consistent and predictable. There is nothing vague about the method both written and visual. You can see the process thoroughly by following the building of the "Bezier 12.5". Chose a topic on the "Right Toolbar".

If you think you have the skills to build a hard or radius chine hull, then you have the skills to build a true round hull using the "Bezier Curve" method.

Metal sailboats. com does not just have a dialogue about obscure methods to build a true round hull. details true round metal boat building methods and, provides all the necessary plans and Cad/Cam files to build it.

Bezier Chine in a nutshell:

  • Bezeir Curve does away with vague and obscure techniques to achieve a true round hulls.
  • Hull panels are shaped using a cold forming "Press Break" process. The method is simple, consistent, and predictable.
  • Bezier Curve Design produces full size flat patterns of the hulls three dimensional surface. Information such as bend angle, forming line, and reference dimensions needed to form the flat patterns to it's original three dimensional shape are also provided with the each patterns.
  • The curved sections of this hull fit together easily, with minimal adjustment onto the framework.
  • The pre-engineered design and fabrication method enables an average person to build a true round bottom hull using the same skills as required in hard chine construction. There are no vague and obscure methods doable only by professional boat builders.
  • The result is the unmistakable beauty of a round hull - the uninterrupted graceful line curving to meet the water.

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    Bézier Curve DESIGN
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    Building the Bezier 12.5

    The Bezier 12.5 is a 16 foot, classic styled aluminum daysailer being built right now.
    You can follow it's progress on the button links below.

      About the 12.5 Design
      Design History

      Archtictural Drawings

    Stage of Construction:

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      Saw Cut

      Roll Formed

      Transverse Frames


      Keel Fabrication

      Hull Strongback

    Bezier Shell Plating


    The Hull:


      Plating the
      True Round Hull Section
    Part I

      Plating the
      True Round Hull Section
    Part II

      Welding the
      True Round Section

      Plating the
    Developable Surfaces

    The Deck:

      Cockpit Coaming

    Decking - Bulkheads

    Fairing the Hull

    Cockpit Ceiling

    Cockpit Seating
    Cockpit Sole