True Round
Metal Boat Building
'Approximate Development' or 'English Wheeling'

'Approximate Development'

'Bezier Chine Design and Construction' was soley developed by the Author.  It is the Trade Name for the design and fabrication process that applies the power of Computational computing to a sheet-metal layout method known as 'Approximate Development.  A process which dates back to a much earlier time. A time when architectural sheet-metal fabrication layouts were done by hand on paper. 

Combining Computational Computing power to the process of 'Approximate Development' makes it possible to develop flat patterns using a segmenting developable surface process, (Bezier Chine Design and Construction), to define the Compound surface of 'True Round' boat hulls. 

I developed and named 'Bezier Chine Design and Construction' , based on 'Approximate Development', to enables 'one-of' builder the means to fabricate 'True Round' steel or Aluminum hulls as easily as 'Hand Chine' designs.

From the Builder's point of view, 'Approximate Development' is simple, consistent, and predictable.  There are no vague and obscure or artistic techniques involved in construction. 

The process is illustrated thru the building of the 'Bezier 12.5'.  If this curvy little boat can be built using the 'Bezier Chine Design and Construction' any other 'True Round' hull shape would be a breeze.

What is Approximate Development

History of Bezier Chine Design & Construction


Hull Construction

Bezier 12.5 Pictures

'English Wheeling'

However, we do have Traditionalist and Skilled persons who would prefer to form the shell plating for their 'True Round' hull build using the 'English Wheeling'. 

'Bezier Chine Design and Construction' now has the capability to accomodate these Builders by offering 'Flat Pattern', of 'True Round' surfaces specficially developed to be formed using and 'English Wheel'.

The flattened patterns define the perimeter of the surface and the 'Strain Lines' that will quide the 'English Wheel' rollers in the forming process.   

English Wheeling for Boats

English Wheeling - Automobile Bodies

For those whom would like to develop their skill at 'English Wheeling', I have made available, free of charge, the Flattened pattern that spans Frames Four, Five, and Six of the Bezier 28 along with the forming Templates in PDF and DWG file formats.  

This is a 'Real World' Exercise in 'English Wheeling'.

  • The full-size PDF files can be printed out at any office supply store and are manually transferred to the material of choice.
  •  The DWG file are sent to CNC cutting and marking machines.

English Wheel - Test Patterns

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Shell Plate Patterns for English Wheeling

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Shell Plate Patterns

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Bezier 12.5

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