True Round Metal Boat Building
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Bezier Curve Design & Construction

Metal Boat Building

"Bezier Curve" is a design and construction methods simipfling the construction of Steel and aluminum "True Round" Hulls. To illustrate "Bezier Curve" construction I have redesigned the classic Herreshoff 12.5 for aluminum construction.

Proof of Concept

Construction of the Bezier 12.5

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Radius Chine - Bezier Chine

The first step towards simplifying construction of rounded metal hulls is a popular building method know as "Radius Chine". This method places a large single radius (arc of a circle) along and between two developable surfaces to create a rounded effect.

"Bezier Curve" takes the basic concept of "Radius Chine" to the next level - True Round by using a freeform curves.

You can compare the many similarities and differences between "Bezier Curve" chine and "Radius Chine"

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Bezier Curve Chine:

"Bezier Curve" construction enables you to build a true round design as easily as a hard or radius chine design. The beauty of Bezier Curve is that it is simple, consistent, and predictable. There is nothing vague about the method. You can see the process thoroughly by following the building of the "Bezier 12.5". Judy vhose a topic on the "Right Toolbar".

If you think you have the skills to build a hard or radius chine hull, then you have the skills to build a true round hull using "Bezier Curve Construction".

Bezier Chine in a nutshell:

  • Bezeir Curve does away with vague and obscure techniques like Line Heating, English Wheels, special tooling, fixtures, and exotic methods to achieve a true round hulls.
  • The pre-engineered design and fabrication method enables an average person to build a true round bottom hull using the same skills as required in hard chine construction.
  • Hull panels are shaped using a cold forming "Press Break" process. The method is simple, consistent, and predictable.
  • The curved sections of this hull fit together easily, with minimal adjustment onto the framework.
  • Along with Architectural drawings Bezier Curve Constdruction uses full size flat patterns and or Cad-Cam cutting files for the build.
  • The result is the unmistakable beauty of a round hull - the uninterrupted graceful line curving to meet the water.

  • Dennis Schaffer, Yacht Designer
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    Bézier Curve DESIGN
    (The next logical step)

    Building the Bezier 12.5

    The Bezier 12.5 is a 16 foot, classic styled aluminum daysailer being built right now.
    You can follow it's progress on the button links below.

      About the 12.5 Design
      Design History

      Archtictural Drawings

    Stage of Construction:

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      Saw Cut

      Roll Formed

      Transverse Frames


      Keel Fabrication

      Hull Strongback

    Bezier Shell Plating


    The Hull:


      Plating the
      True Round Hull Section
    Part I

      Plating the
      True Round Hull Section
    Part II

      Welding the
      True Round Section

      Plating the
    Developable Surfaces

    The Deck:

      Cockpit Coaming

    Decking - Bulkheads

    Fairing the Hull

    Cockpit Ceiling

    Cockpit Seating
    Cockpit Sole