Applied Metal Boatbuilding Methods

'Sheetmetal Pattern Development'

'Metal Fabrication' is the creation of metal structures by cutting and bending sheet-metal, than assembling those formed components into a pre-determined product. ‘Applied Metal Boatbuilding Methods’ – ‘Sheetmetal Pattern Development’ picks up after the hull and deck of a boat is constructed. Devoid of all features or a 'Bare Hull'. It begins another phase of the build with the fabrication of integrals such as but not limited to: Coamings, Hatches, Window Ports, Companionways, and Tanks. Some builder may ever want to fabricate there own mast and booms. Fabrication of these components by the builder is another major economic advantage of building in steel or aluminum. Components such as these can be fabricated for nickels and dimes on the dollar over purchased manufactured versions of the product. Custom fabricated steel components are also more in keeping with the hulls construction material ensuing a harmonious steel design that is not attainable using components designed for another construction material. Layout and fabrication of these type of components are determined by well established empirical formulas known as ‘Bend Allowance’ and ‘Bend Deduction’. These formulas are in universal use throughout the metal fabrication industry. ‘Applied Metal Boatbuilding Methods’ – ‘Sheetmetal Pattern Development’ is a Metal Fabricators course in ‘Precision Sheet Metal Layout’. Teaching the theory, principles and application of these well established Sheetmetal layout formulas to calculate the cut sizes, locations of bend lines and interior features demonstrated through the fabrication of marine components typical to steel and aluminum pleasure craft. It is a complete guide to all persons in the metal fabrication industry be they Precision Metal Fabricators or ‘One Of’ Metal Boat Builders. ‘Applied Metal Boatbuilding Methods’ – ‘Sheetmetal Pattern Development’ is basic to rounding out your metalworking layout skills.

Part I: - Fundamentals:

Describes the fundamentals of sheetmetal layout: Bend angles, Bend Terminology, Parts Dimensioning, Press Brakes, Tooling, and Bending modes.

Part II - Preliminary Calculations:

Describes the preliminary calculations for sheetmetal fabrications covering Inside Radius calculations, Air and bottom bending modes, Tonnage calculations, Radius Punch Calculations, Tool, and bend configurations.

Part III - Formulas

Details thru example the formulas of 'Bend Allowance' and 'Bend Deduction' used to develop sheetmetal fabrications along with the 'Test Bending' procedures which will determine the exact 'Bend Deduction' for exotic materials. Also covered are dimension conversion and notching formulas.

Part IV - Shop Drawings

Dicusses the need of generating 'Shop Drawings'. How to generate them thru orthographic projection, and a methodology for creating them.

Part V - Hatches and coamings

Examples of hatches and coaming fabrications.

Part VI: - Windows and Ports

Examples of window and port fabrications.


Steel Mast design and construction methods are detailed here.


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