True Round Metal Boat Building

'Bezier Chine Design'

Traditional true round hull 'plating methods' have always been arcane and obscure in nature. Plating a true round or wineglass styled sailboat hull design, to date, has been an artistic metal forming process. The purpose of this book is to demonstrate a simpler approach to plate a true round hull. One that reduces the time, effort and the special skills required. The book begins with a discussion about the theory of ‘Bezier Chine’ by relating it to long-established architectural sheet-metal layout principles. ‘Bezier Chine’ design and construction uses high tech computer design. This reduces construction to time-honored architectural metal-working procedures that are methodology, consistent and predictable. Every part of the hull is fully developed and clearly described. This includes never-failing techniques to pre-form all the shell plating and position it on the hulls corresponding framework in a fair and seamless manner. There is nothing vague about the process. "True Round Metal Boat Building" by D.L. Schaffer, simplifies construction of true round hulls for every boat builder. The ‘Bezier 12.5” - a classic 16 foot aluminum tumblehome hull design is used to demonstrate the principles of ‘Bezier Chine’ design and construction.

Chapter One: - Metal Hull Configurations

Describes the different hull forms used in steel and aluminum design from single chine to true round.

Chapter Two: - Theory

Describes the Theory and principles behind 'Bezier Chine' design and construction.

Chapter Three: - Radius Chine

An overview of 'Radius Chine' design and its relationship to 'Bezier Chine' design.

Chapter Four: - Bezier Chine

An overview of 'Bezier Chine' design detailing its several hull configurations.

Chapter Five: - Skills

A look at the personal and working skills required to build a Bezier Design.

Chapter Six: - Preparation

A look at material selection, sandblasting, chosing a building site, building position and tooling.

Chapter Seven: - Design Platform

Describes the three elements that permits true round hull to be assembled in a simple, consistent and predictable way: Cnc cutting files, Full size patterns, and Architectural drawings.

Chapter Eight: - Fabrication Techniques

Describes fabrication techniques such as Cnc cutting, manual saw cutting, manual plasma cutting, roll forming, fabrication squaring techniques and how to work with full size patterns.

Chapter Nine: - Fabrication - Hull Framing

Details the pre-fabrication of the Transvers frames and Longigitudinal frames.

Chapter Ten: - Fabrication - Shell Plating

Describes steps by step how to form the true round shell plating in a simple, consistent and predictable way using either the Cnc cutting files or full-size patterns.

Chapter Eleven: - Fabrication - Keel

Describes Keel construction and placement.

Chapter Twelve: - Building the Hull

Covers the setup of the transverse and longintudinal framing onto the Building jig, placing the keel, and most importantly the application of the true round shell plating to the frame structure.

Chapter Thirteen: - Finishing the Hull

Describes how to finish the hull surface to a production fiberglass finish.

Chapter Fourteen: - Deck and Cockpit

A look at finishing the interior and cockpit.