'True Round Metal Boat Building'

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Traditional true round hull 'plating methods' have always been arcane and obscure in nature. Plating a true round or wineglass styled sailboat hull design, to date, has been an artistic metal forming process.

The purpose of this book is to demonstrate a simpler approach to plate a true round hull. One that reduces the time, effort and the special skills required. The book begins with a discussion about the theory of ‘Bezier Chine’ by relating it to long-established architectural sheet-metal layout principle known as 'Approximate Development'.

‘Bezier Chine’ design and construction uses high tech computer design. This reduces construction to time-honored architectural metal-working procedures that are methodology, consistent and predictable.

Every part of the hull is fully developed and clearly described. Includes never-failing techniques to pre-form all the shell plating and position it on the hulls corresponding framework in a fair and seamless manner. There is nothing vague about the process.

"True Round Metal Boat Building" by D.L. Schaffer, simplifies construction of true round hulls for every boat builder. The ‘Bezier 12.5” - a classic 16 foot aluminum tumblehome hull design is used to demonstrate the principles of ‘Bezier Chine’ design and construction.



       Introduction:                                                            Page   1

      Theory of Approximate Development                             Page   3

      Bezier Chine Design                                                    Page 15

      Material & Tools                                                        Page 20

      What is in Bezier Construction Plans                             Page 23

      Fabrication Techniques                                              Page 29

      Pre-fabrication of the Framework                                Page 33

      Pre-fabrication of the Shell Plating                               Page 38

     Keel Fabrication                                                        Page 49

     Setting up the Framework                                          Page 52

     Plating the Hull                                                         Page 59

     Surface Finishing                                                      Page 82

     Deck and Cockpit                                                     Page 87

     A Short History of Bezier Chine                                   Page 97

     Bezier 12.5 Photo’s                                                  Page 102

     Bezier Designs                                                        Page 107

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