'True Round Metal Boat Design'

'Bezier Chine' is a High-Tech Design – Low--Tech Construction process that enables ‘Metal Boat Builders’ to fabricate true round metal sailboat hulls as easily as a hard chine design.

‘Bezier Chine’ design is based on a computer enhanced application of 'Approximate Development'. A sheet-metal layout method, dating back to a much earlier time, used to develop 'Warp' or 'Compound' architectural surfaces onto a 'Single Plane'.

My first book 'True Round Metal Boat Building' began with the theory of ‘Approximate Development’ takes the mystery out of Bezier Chine. I did not Father ‘Approximate Development’. I did however successfully apply ‘Approximate Development’ to the ultimate ‘Warped’ or ‘Compound’ surface - A Sailboat Hull. In this book 'True Round Metal Boat Design' I am going to share my Design knowledge with you.

‘True Round Metal Boat Design’ will cover the idiosyncrasies specifically related to metal boat design and construction.

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Introduction:                                                         Page 6

Surface Design Concepts:                                     Page 10

The Model File:                                                      Page 15

Profiling Transverse Frames:                               Page 33

Defining Transverse Frames:                               Page 41

Creating Longitudinal Frames:                             Page 45

Defining Longitudinal Frames:                             Page 52

Plating Developable Surfaces:                             Page 56

Defining True Round Shell Plating:                      Page 64

Plating & Longitudinal Crossings:                        Page 74

Alternate Longitudinal Placement:                      Page 80

Redesigning The Bezier 12.5:                             Page 84

Master Curves Dimensions:                                Page 89

Entity Descriptions:                                             Page 96

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