True Round Metal Boatbuilding
'Bezier Design and Construction'

’Bezier Chine’ is a design and construction method to fabricate true round metal hulls. It is a true round form in every respect, just like a fiberglass designed hull. It is easier to build and requires far less metal working skill and equipment over building a true round hull by traditional means. The entire hull surface is pre-engineered. All plating fit seamlessly to a specified location on the hull framework.

Single Surface Bezier Design:

The Single surface ‘True Round’ Steel or Aluminum Bezier hull, shown below could have also been designed for Fiberglass construction. Any hull designed for fiberglass construction can be built in steel or aluminum using ‘Bezier Chine Design and Construction’.

Double Surface Bezier Design:

In a Double surface design, the upper warped surface runs from the sheer-line, around the turn of the bilge to a theoretical chine line. The bottom Developable surface then picks up at the theoretical chine line to the center line of the hull.

The theoretical Chine Line that separates the two surfaces are visible in the hulls ‘Lines’ drawings. However, in the finished hull the Chine Line blends the two distinct surfaces into one by flowing tangent and seamlessly into one single perceived surface.


Triple Surface Bezier Designs:

‘Radius Chine’ is a triple surface hull design method that places a ‘Single Constant Radius’ between two developable surfaces along the entire length of the hull. The configuration was developed somewhere back in the 1980’s to simplify True Round hull construction.

Technology however has advanced where the ‘Single Constant Radius’ of a ‘Radius Chine’ design could be replaced by a ‘Bezier’ Free- formed True Round Surface, adding value by overriding the restrictions imposed by the ‘Radius Chine’ design method itself.


Bezier Chine Highlights:

  • 'Bezier Chine' does not use any of the traditional arcane and obscure skills such as line heat, the English wheel or explosive and hydraulic forming. The hull plating is shaped by time tested metalworking methods. There is nothing vague about the method. You can see the process thoroughly by following the building of the "Bezier 12.5" and reading my book 'True Round Metal Boat Building' - Bezier Chine Design'. Available at Amazon.
  • Bezier Chine Free-Formed hull forms can be run the Free-formed surface from the sheer-line around the turn of the bildge to a therotical chine where a developable surface designed in three (3) forms.
  • Shell panels are shaped using a cold forming "Press Break" process. The method is simple, consistent, and predictable.
  • Bezier Chine Design produces full size flat patterns of the hulls three dimensional surface. Information such as bend angle, forming line, and reference dimensions needed to form the flat patterns to its original three dimensional shape are also provided with the each patterns.
  • The curved sections of this hull fit together easily, with minimal adjustment onto the framework.
  • The pre-engineered design and fabrication method enables an average person to build a true round bottom hull using the same skills as required in hard chine construction.
  • The result is the unmistakable beauty of a round hull - the uninterrupted graceful line curving to meet the water.

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