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'Bezier Chine Design and Construction' was solely developed by the Author.  It is the Trade Name for the design and fabrication process that applies the power of Computational computing to a sheet-metal layout method known as 'Approximate Development.

What is Approximate Development

'Bezier Chine Design and Construction' is simple, consistent, and predictable using only time honored sheet-metal fabrication methods.  There are no vague and obscure or artistic techniques involved in construction.

The process is illustrated thru the building of the Aluminum constructed 'Bezier 12.5' shown below. 

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The Hulls Framing System

Plating a True Round Hull

Bezier 12.5 Pictures

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Radius Chine Design

 'Radius Chine' distinguishes itself from the free-formed surfaces of Bezier Chine by placing a Single Constant Radius surface along the length of the hull between two developable surfaces instead of a free-formed surface.  Click the below link for full details.

What is Radius Chine Design

Shell Plate Expansion

For 'Builders' who prefer a more traditional approach.  Full Size flat shell plate expansion patterns defining both the  perimeter of a surface and forming strain lines are provided to the Builder.

The expansion of the flat shell plate pattern is used as a guide to form the surface back to its original three dimension shape by 'English Wheeling' or other sheet-metal forming methods.  Click the below link for full details.

Shell Plate Expansion

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